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Collections Art Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright Collection®

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. His work heralded a new thinking in architecture, using innovation in design and engineering made possible by newly developed technology and materials. His creative ability extended far beyond the borders of architecture and into graphic design, furniture, art glass, linens, and decorative products for the home.

Wright designed well over 4,000 leaded glass windows and doors for more than 150 of his buildings. He often referred to them as “light screens,” a term that evokes Japanese shoji screens, where they were arranged in bands like his windows. Wright created leaded glass designs for doors, skylights, back-lit ceiling panels, table lamps and wall sconces as well as for windows.

Tiffany Series

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) began studying the chemistry and techniques of glass making at the age of 24. One of the most prolific designers of the late 19th century, he produced works of art for more than 70 years, the most important of which were those rendered in glass.

Religious Series

Stained glass, as an art form, reached its height in the Middle Ages when it became a major pictorial form and was used to illustrate the narratives of the Bible to a largely illiterate populace.

In the Romanesque and Early Gothic period, from about 950 AD to 1240 AD, the untraceried windows demanded large expanses of glass, which out of necessity were supported by robust iron frames such as those that can be seen at Chartres Cathedral and at the eastern end of Canterbury Cathedral. As Gothic architecture developed into a more ornate form, windows grew larger, affording greater illumination to the interiors, but were divided into sections by vertical shafts and tracery of stone. The elaboration of form reached its height of complexity in the Flamboyant style in Europe and windows grew still larger with the development of the Perpendicular style in England.

Masters Series

Vincent Willem van Gogh (1953-1890) was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter who studied in France and Belgium, taught in England and eventually settled in France for his final years.

Van Gogh was known for using color and movement as means to generate emotional responses. He created nearly 900 paintings and more than 1,100 works on paper, yet he only sold one painting in his lifetime. While van Gogh died prematurely with the notion that his art was a failure, his works received immense posthumous acclaim, allowing him to become one of the most influential artists in the 20th century.

Custom Services Available!

Maybe you envision a custom designed panel to match your unique theme or upcoming exhibit. Your products are created by our team of passionate studio artists and craftspeople, who employ time-tested techniques in the transparent enamel painting. Call today to explore adapting your artwork to glass.